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When you choose The Law Office of Mark A. Reed, you are choosing an experienced, professional law firm that is committed to excellence in all the legal services that we provide. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
I had asked several attorneys for legal advice a few months ago, and not only was Mark the one who best addressed my needs, but he did so at a much more reasonable price than his competitors. What I appreciate about him and his services goes beyond his knowledge and his dedication, because apart from those things he's also very real and that is a quality that's rare amongst professionals in his industry. I highly recommend Mark Reed.
Jonathan F., Jan 18 2016
Of all the attorneys I have ever talked to her work with Mark Reid has been the most knowledgeable, friendly, and personable. He is easy to get hold of and never ignores my phone calls or emails and gets back to me quickly. I have also found that his billing has been very reasonable. He does not overcharge me and does not charge me 4 small things like copies, faxes, postage, etc. I highly recommend him.
Jackson H,, Oct 22 2018
I spoke with Mark, I noticed he is very knowledgeable about civil laws and codes. He provided me with honest and straightforward advices of which I did not want to hear, rationally I knew it's true, but emotionally I hated and kept yelling at him about what he said because I just wanted to pursue the litigation that would cost me lots of money and health After the conversation with him,I made up my mind. I decide, based on his advice, move on and take care of myself I am very grateful for his honesty's. I highly recommend him to anybody who needs a good attorney with integrity. I have met many attorney money grabbers; Mark is NOT like that. God Bless You and your family.
T K., Feb 27 2018